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Bittersweet's blog depicts inspirational ideas and creative endeavors that are connected and centered around the goings on of a 4th generation soap maker and shop owner. The past twenty-four years have been spent manufacturing and creating artisan soaps and sundries under the name Bittersweet.
The items I make are featured at my brick and mortar shop located in a beautiful century-old home in my historic town, Liberty Missouri.

My childhood was woven and nourished with artisan heritage. The passionate feelings I associate with creating are connected to the influential woman in my life. These women possessed an array of unique individual skills and talents that influenced me early on. My mother, Alice, a published writer, my sweet grandmother, Lola, a restaurateur, my great aunt, Enid, a seamstress, and my aunt Vivian, a soap maker.

People often ask me where the name Bittersweet came from. My beautiful soft-spoken mother suggested the name. Soon after creating the name she passed away from leukemia. Little did I know then how years later the word would echo a soulful new meaning.

Bittersweet Soap has been featured on Home & Garden television and included in the goody bags at both the Emmy’s and American Music awards.

Although I don't consider myself a professional writer, I do love to write! One of these days, I'm going to write a book containing my blog entries. Those book thoughts will remain on the back burner simmering. Being a soap maker and shop owner requires time.

Thank you,

Jill McDowell Lincoln